About Us

A tiny girl had a dream of bringing wellness to her community while fighting social injustices. Out of that dream, Morlivly was born. 

Who are we?

Morlivly was founded to restore and uplift the wellbeing of the society and the Mother Earth by using naturally energizing, nutrient-rich, sustainable plants. We want to eliminate poverty by working with refugees and marginalised people groups in Malaysia. They are strong, resilient, family-focused, community-centered who simply want to give a better future to their children. By putting a cup of tea on your table, you are putting a meal on their table. 

Where do our leaves come from?

Our leaves are sourced from small family farms that meet our high standards for quality and impactful sourcing. Only natural ingredients are being used in growing the plants. The leaves are carefully handpicked in a traditional way, which are then processed in a Good Manufacturing Practice certified factory to create this all-natural drinking experience.